Genesis Platinum alkaline water ionizer

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Rapidly transform your body
with the simple power of ionized alkaline water

The “Genesis Platinum” Alkaline Water Ionizer is the definition of Effortless Vitality. By simply replacing our usual water intake with alkalized water, our bodies are able to rapidly heal and rebuild.

Finally, water you will ENJOY drinking.

My partner and I use our water ionizer so many times a day and for so many uses. (We even brought it on a 15 day cruise. How’s that for dedication?)

  • Alkaline water for drinking, soaking seeds and nuts, cooking pasta & legumes.
  • Strong alkaline water for reviving wilting produce, a sanitizing wash for fresh fruits and veggies, and emulsifying homemade salad dressings & beauty products.
  • Acidic water for rinsing my hair and as toner on my skin.
  • Strong acidic water as a natural anti-bacterial (great natural mouthwash & wound sanitizer), and remover of hard water build-up.

This technology has been totally common in Japan and Korea for decades. It’s power is just now being brought to America. Lucky us!

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The Best Parts About the Genesis Platinum

  1. Transforms acidic, oxidizing tap water into alkaline, anti-oxidant super water.

  2. Includes a 7 step filter that thoroughly purifies the water, removing all bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, aluminum, and other toxic metals from tap water.

  3. More options. More pH and ORP choices than any water ionizer available in the world.

  4. Best Value: save hundreds compared to similar water ionizers. Total cost of ionized water is only $0.17 per liter.

  5. Creates highly acidic water (5.5 or below) that is ideal for use on skin and hair. This is “beauty water” that is astringent, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Excellent for ALL skin issues. Sterilizes injuries, too.

  6. Machine is push button easy, self-cleaning, and requires no extra parts and no addition of “electrolysis enhancer” fluid.

UNLIMITED 5 Year Warranty on parts, service AND shipping costs You're totally protected with the full 60 day money back guarantee Hooray no sales tax in any state!

I was introduced to water ionizers by my in-laws, who bought a Kangen brand machine from a friend. (He was a part of their infamous MLM program and wasn’t aware that he could have saved himself and his friends thousands of dollars by researching different brands!) Making no other changes in their lifestyle, the simple substitution of alkaline water for their usual (acidic) bottled water, they noticed amazing health benefits; several skin issues cleared up, they had more energy and were sleeping better, there was weight loss without effort, they “finally felt hydrated for the first time”, and the water was even “much easier to drink”. That’s due to the micro-clustered water molecules, which actually do hydrate our bodies much better than non-ionized water.

Keep in mind that they made no other changes to their lifestyle; they only started to drink better water. It’s also significant to note that disease will easily germinate and flourish in an acidic environment whereas it literally cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

Why Should I Care?
When our bodies are acidic, we are not oxygenated. All systems of the body slow down including metabolism and systems of detox. In response, we feel fatigue as our bodies trap the stagnant toxins within fat, which is when we become overweight and develop diseases. The powerfully anti-oxidant nature of this water allows our bodies to neutralize acids, allowing them to fight back against disease of any kind. If you’ve been diagnosed with any kind of “incurable” illness, I highly urge you to make ionized water a part of your healing journey.

Then there’s the whole loose weight and feel good without trying thing. The more acids you eliminate the more fat you get rid of, so you lose weight effortlessly. The anti-oxidants will then begin neutralizing the free radicals in your body, giving you more energy.

Oh the many words to describe this magical water…
Every word on this list can be used to describe the water produced by the Genesis Platinum and similar machines.

Marketers sometimes use these words in ways that can be confusing, so let me clarify that when you have alkaline water (made via a machine like this), it is also ionized and electrolyzed, is anti-oxidant, has micro clustered water molecules, is considered “structured water” or “hexagonal water”, and has been reduced by the process of splitting of the water. Now you know 🙂

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What about Kangen?
I’m incredibly curious, and love to do extensive research before I invest my money or energy. What I discovered is shocking, though common: Kangen is popular because it’s expensive and has a huge MLM program behind it. Kangen is the most well-known brand of water ionizer, not because it’s superior, but because their MLM program gives out thousands of dollars in commission per sale, and thus, they have a bunch of people doing grassroots marketing for them.

And just in terms of technology, the Kangen has several glaring flaws. First, Kangen requires the addition of electrolyte fluid, which increases your cost and takes up your time. Water For Life products don’t require this extra step. Second, the Kangen filter starts beeping at you in exactly 365 days, regardless of how much you use the machine. It doesn’t even use it’s processor to track usage! The Genesis machines monitor exactly how much water you’re producing, and show you on the LCD screen how long until you need to replace either of the two filters. Third, Kangen machines don’t even analyze the incoming tap water before converting it to your desired pH. You may select 9.5 pH water, but your output will be greatly different depending on which part of the country you’re getting your tap water from. It just does some one-size-fits-all “guesstimating”. The Genesis machines analyze the tap water so you get the desired pH output every time, regardless of where you’re located.

So are Water For Life ionizers better Kangen? In my research and experience, yes, they absolutely are.