You know how some days you just feel cared for and really supported? And sometimes you feel like you’re adrift in the world with no one to turn to?

I have a solution! Notice that…

  • Right now, this very moment, people around the globe are believing in you.

  • Right now, your dreams are being cheered on by people you haven’t even met yet. People you might never meet.

  • Every minute of the day, you are thought of with with love and total acceptance.

All of that happens regardless of the choices you make. There’s literally nothing you could think, say, or do that could diminish the faith we have in you.

The next time you feel alone, unloved, or unsupported all you have to do is REMEMBER THAT. Revel in the secret knowledge that you are totally trusted no matter which path you choose.

Sonia Choquette calls this phenomenon “Believing Eyes”: choosing to believe before the results show up.

You already have a secret team of Believing Eyes. Imagine how you would feel if those endlessly supportive people were in your daily life…

To attract more Believing Eyes, we must become Believing Eyes for someone else. Say “I will be your first customer”, when someone says they want to start a business. No matter how crazy/unrealistic the dream is, support it! It’s not your dream: you don’t have to agree with it. You’re just being asked to support it.

You are invited to commit right now. Put your hand over your heart and say:

“I, (say your rad name), commit to being Believing Eyes for the world. I allow the world to become Believing Eyes for me”.

There are over 6 billion people on the planet: we’re not meant to do this alone!

I believe in you completely RIGHT NOW. Before you achieve your goal I already see your SUCCESS.


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  1. 07/01/11 by Jennifer

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

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