In everything that we encounter, we can choose to bless or condemn. The act of blessing is the option that empowers us and all involved. Blessing invites a Higher Power to step in and so a win-win solution can be discovered. It can banish a negative attitude and rapidly bring us back to a place of inner harmony and right relationship with others.

How do you give a blessing? With your loving thoughts, encouraging words, or helpful actions.

This simple act is our birthright as children of the Creator. Everyone has the power to bless! As a bonus, we personally receive a blessing every time we give a blessing.

Who can you bless today? Everyone you encounter or anything that comes to your mind. Today, if you feel that someone is being unkind, mentally say to him “I bless you“, which allows you both to be healed. When your opinion is requested you might say, “great idea” or “I bless that idea“.

It only takes a moment, and it begins an awesome chain of grace.

Much thanks to g-mikee for use of the beautiful image.


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