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Thank you for contributing to Effortless Vitality. We value your unique insights!

We are always looking for original, uplifting articles to share with our readers. What are your favorite tips for effortlessly improving your life? How do you quickly and gracefully bring positive change to the world? How do you remember to stay present in the moment? We’re looking for ideas that people can implement on their lunch break, while waiting in line at the store, or anytime they are feeling overwhelmed.

Tips To Get Your Articles Published Quickly

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  • Use the search box to the left to see if we have already published an article similar to yours. Offer something fresh!
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  • No Theories. Each article needs to show how the topic has personally touched your life. If an insight or technique has already worked for you, then we want to hear it.
  • Check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and facts. Do your own editing.
  • All articles must include a photo or graphic. Please choose an image that visually supports the topic of your article. You may use your own photos, or Creative Commons images. Include a link to one or two images. Example: