Do you want to know the REAL reason we drink ionized alkaline water? It’s got nothing to do with the decades of real-world proof. The reason is so simple and obvious, you might have missed it.

Drinking ionized alkaline water FEELS GOOD. It’s an instant, tangible feeling in your body.

I know what I experience in my body every single time I drink this water. And every single person that we’ve ever given this water to… we all have this same experience of noticing, feeling in our bodies that something’s changed.

Well, I decided to become my own scientist, and test subject. Between my partner and I, we have been experimenting with drinking and applying ionized water for months. Here are our most basic, obvious, reproducable results.

Ionized Alkaline Water Feels Like:

  • Smooth and easy to drink. You want to drink more. Like clockwork, everybody who tries it immediately asks for a second glass.

  • Finally feeling hydrated. This is harder to explain because most people have been chronically dehydrated their entire lives. You have to experience this feeling of vitality for yourself!

  • Your body “comes online”. You get a burst of energy, your mind becomes more clear, and you feel more present.

Imagine you can use the physical feelings in your body as a fool-proof decision making tool. “Is this water good for me?” you wonder. Drink a glass and just notice how your body reacts. Drink another. How do you feel now? It took me a while to get the hang of this concept, but it’s brought so much clarity and abundance to my life. I’ll let you in on a little secret: our bodies always tell the real truth of a situation. Ask yours what it thinks about alkaline water, and you may be surprised at the answer.

In future articles I’ll be explaining the science of ionized water in a very easy to understand way. (I promise it’s much simpler than you’ve been told!) Whether you’re a science fan, or just need a personal experience to realize the truth of something, you can find your answer today.

Is it time for you to drink ionized water? Try some and find out! Get on your local Craigslist and do a search for “ionized water”. Many of us who already own water ionizers are passionate about spreading the word, and offer free water for those who want to try it. You just have to pick it up and notice what you feel.

So what does ionized alkaline water feel like in your body? How do you know that it’s improving your health? Leave a comment below, because I would love to hear your experiences.


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  1. 08/16/11 by Evita Ochel

    Hi Lauren,

    <grin> what a great video, and it was so much fun to watch, and see you both together 🙂

    When we moved out into nature, we were blessed to have a natural spring close to our house that is always running, pure, glacier cold water, that is a delight to drink. So we are pretty happy with that…. but I do have a question.

    I totally know the benefits of alkaline water, especially ionized alkaline water… and about a month ago, I was introduced to a product called the AlkaMate. I tried it and saw no difference in the water or how I felt…. do you have any experience with or have you heard of it? I am wondering if I should keep using it or not… it is hard to know if and specifically what it is doing to the water, without testing it properly ourselves.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. 08/20/11 by Trey

    Would love to have an ionized/akalized water machine but they are so expensive! I know there are alternatives to the super expensive kangen machines but they are all still pretty pricey. What machine do you use? I have been considering getting 5 gallon glass jars of spring water delivered but that too is expensive. I have a reverse osmosis system now but don't like the fact it strips EVERYTHING outta the water including the benificial minerals. Still much better than tap water though.

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