Today is a Good Day To Leap
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To paraphrase my hero, Ray Bradbury, an Idea has “run up and bit you on the leg”. It’s probably built on a desire you’ve had all your life. Whatever it is, today is a great day to leap into it. Commit. Change everything if you’re really feeling it.

What do you have to do to honor yourself and everyone else? Leap into it!

Background is a photo I took of Sunset Cliffs in beautiful San Diego, CA. One of my favorite spots on the globe.


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  1. 05/25/13 by Mari Smith

    Hey Lauren!! I love your images and wallpaper! I just stumbled across your website thanks to the awesome while searching for “leap.” Hehee, love that. And the cliffs photo was taken here in San Diego where I live. Yay. I just posted on my Facebook profile, with credit to you.

    • 07/10/13 by Lauren Lionheart

      Yay! What an awesome synchronicity. And here’s another one: you were THE biggest reason I made the leap & got onto Twitter years ago. Your work + energy is awesome, Mari.

      P.S. I’m putting up new art daily on my FB page & would LOVE IT if you stopped by 🙂

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