This is it, Super Hero. The one little tweak in your life that is going to create MAYJAH positive changes.

My partner and I have been committed to drinking green juice for breakfast every day since 2008, and the results are obvious. Strangers stop us in the street and tell us that we look like we’re “glowing”. I honestly believe that green juice and green smoothies are a huge reason why.

Green Juice Juicers: say that 10 times fast! But first, finish sipping that glass of green goodness 😉 Don’t have your own green machine yet? Read on to learn which type of juicer is right for you.

Juicers 101

  • Masticating Juicers – like the Champion Juicer – are highly versatile, and will juice everything except wheatgrass! They also create baby food and ice cream with the integrated food processing feature. This is the kind of juicer I use.
  • Twin Gear Juicers – like the Green Star Juicer Extractor – are the best juicers for Superhero Health. They juice all fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and wheatgrass, too! They cost the most because the quality is outstanding. It may even last you a lifetime. Plus, they are very quiet juicers.
  • Single Auger Juicers – like the Omega Juicer – is similar to the masticating juicer in both results and price. Just be sure to get a “dual stage” juicer or you’ll get pulpy juice, and won’t be able to juice carrots well.
  • Centrifugal Juicers – like the Jack Lalanne juicer – are the least expensive, loudest, and least efficient juicers available. They do poorly with leafy greens, so a centrifugal juicer is best if you only want to make fruit juice instead of “green juice”. I don’t recommend this kind obviously!

Ze Absolute Best Green Juice Juicers

Superhero Financial Tip: Banish “too expensive” from your vocabulary, because it’s an excuse that’s eating away at your health. Buy used! My first juicer was a second-hand Champion that lasted me years and cost me under $100. You can make it happen, too. I believe in you!

Want A Fast Green Juice Recipe? Enjoy!