Blendtec green smootie blender

You might not realize it yet, but a good blender can transform your entire body. My partner and I are living proof. Before we got a Blendtec Total Blender, we would often feel tired, have digestive problems, skin breakouts, and we were addicted to sugar, bread products, and coffee. Pretty common complaints, right? Buying our awesome blender was the decision that changed all that, and brought us glowing health. The further on you read, you’ll understand just what I mean…

You’re probably wondering if a simple smoothie can really be that powerful. Yes, it’s true! Green smoothies reverse aging, cure diseases at the source, and make you feel like a million bucks. Plus, they make a very quick, super healthy breakfast. How do I know? I’ve been drinking them consistently since 2008.

Green smoothies are definitely one of my Top Vitality Secrets. They are full of whole foods that increase energy naturally, while detoxing and rebuilding every system of your body.

Picture yourself drinking a green smoothie for breakfast, and noticing with joy that your appetite is reduced, and weight loss is happening effortlessly. Imagine what you could do if you started to have more energy on a daily basis!

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Everyone knows you get what you pay for, and blenders are no exception. You have to use the right tool for the job if you want good results. I have used both a $30 blender and a $100 food processor to make green smoothies and other healthy recipes. Neither of them worked very well. They just weren’t built for those tasks. They’re not strong enough to make a silky smooth smoothie or creamy soup. Plus they take a lot longer. The Vitamix compared to the Blendtec has a similar problem: adding that awkward “tamper” makes the whole process longer, and more of a mess to clean up. I deserve better, and you know what? So do you.

You are worth more. You deserve radiant health. Your body deserves a good blender and green smoothies.

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Now I would like to help you experience the radiant health that I have achieved with food based healing. If you have any questions about the Blendtec Blender and how to transform your health with it, just email me. I’m happy to help you.

Frugal Tip: If you are still saving up so you can buy the best blender, you can still easily drink your greens by using green drink powder. It’s a great superfood supplement that supports your holistic superhero health. It’s also a time saver when you’re in a hurry and want to add some greens to your fruit smoothie.