Do you ever wish there was a recipe for a happy life? Something simple and universally true that you could use right now? I’ve spent my whole life looking for magic formulas like that, and I finally found an answer.

No matter what you want to achieve in your life, this formula will bring you to that delicious victory. It applies to every dream that has ever been hoped for. More importantly, it applies to you right here and right now.

Formula for Effortless Vitality & A Happy Life

Each of these ingredients effortlessly leads to the next one. When you start with simply being aware of your body, you are naturally lead to conscious eating. From there, you become drawn to the particular holistic technologies that your body needs. And one day you will notice that, without much effort, you have been bringing authenticity to every area of your life.

It really is that simple! Begin with the first step – being present in the moment – and the other stumbling blocks in your life will fall like dominoes.

The Secret Ingredient
Self-love is the key: it is the catalyst for your best life ever. Self-love is how you help others and create positive change in the world without burning out. Self-love is what brings a steady stream of health, wealth, and loving relationships. Self-love is what kindles your inner fire of happiness and delight, even when the outside world seems freezing cold.

Universal Laws explain that when you choose to love and accept yourself, you are putting yourself back into the flow of abundance that is your natural state. When you are in that flow, brilliant ideas and golden opportunities automatically show up in your life.

I’ve been testing this recipe every day since 2005, and I can promise you that it works. I want to really encourage you to give this a try, because you will love the benefits. Once you get a taste of great physical health and inner clarity, you will never go back!

Where do I begin?
Start where you’re at right now. Are you already practicing being present in the moment? (Like… right now? 🙂 ) Congrats, because that alone puts you at the head of the class. Now it’s time to put the power of your focus onto your eating habits. There’s no special ritual or skills to learn; just draw your attention to every bite. Really notice what and how you’re eating. I like to imagine its flavor and vitality cascading through all my cells! What about sensations throughout your body? Just notice them and see if you they have a message for you today.

When you’re ready – and your heart will tell you when that time is – look into the holistic technologies that you are interested in. Get to Googling and see what personal testimonials you can find. Here’s a ridiculously simple tip that will help you know which kinds of technology are perfect for you right now: how obsessed are you with the topic? If you’re spending time daydreaming about owning your own water ionizer, it’s time for you to have one. Period. My honest advice is not to let outside circumstances be your deciding factor. I can’t count how many times my heart has chosen something wonderful for me, even when it flies in the face of logic… and yet, things have worked out perfectly every time. Tis’ the nature of trusting our intuition.

And finally, no matter where you are in this journey to a happy life, be authentic whenever you can! In your words to others, in your most private thoughts, in your bold choices. Resist the urge to settle for “close enough”. Keep digging and experimenting until you KNOW your true self, and reveal her/him at every opportunity. This is the last step, and it can feel quite scary at times. You know why? It’s the difference between “happy on the outside” and “happy on the inside”. The more you unleash your bold, beautiful, one-of-a-kind self, the more awesome you feel inside. And it’s what allows you to stay feeling happy even when outside circumstances are chaotic.

Where Are You?
Which of these steps is a focus in your life right now? Leave a comment below with any questions or advice that you can share. This is definitely a lifelong journey, and it’s so much easier when we can walk it together. 🙂


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