Here’s an easy tip that can shift your mindset and your life in about 2 minutes. By tapping into an alter-ego or “persona”, you can make an instant leap forward and become the best you possible. Think of it as using a mental time machine to preview the wonderful life that awaits you… while living it right now.

Easy 2 Step Process
1) Close your eyes, take some slow, deep breaths and visualize a persona. It could be a future version of yourself: one that is a bit older, wiser, and more self-confident. It could even be a fictional character or a real person that you deeply respect and admire. See this persona in your mind’s eye in as much detail as you can. Does your persona wear a victorious smile or walk with purpose? Feel what it’s like to stand next to that persona. Does he or she radiate confidence, kindness, strength, patience, love? Let this vision become as real as possible.

2) Next, simply decide to embody those traits yourself by stepping into that persona. Visualize taking a step forward, and walking into your persona to merge with it. Take another deep, slow breath and feel how you have become that character that you so admire. Allow yourself to play with this idea. Be easy about it. Just allow yourself to be temporarily immersed in a new way of being: to experience life through eyes of confidence, strength, patience, love, or whatever else you wish to be.

Tip: In the beginning, choose to be your persona for a certain amount of time. Perhaps long enough to attend an event or just a few minutes to make an important phone call. This helps you commit to really “staying in character”. As you become comfortable with this process you can extend the amounts of time while still easily staying in character.

francois dillinger persona

There’s a funny example of how to use a persona in the movie Youth in Revolt. The main character, Nick, habitually does not go after his desires, so he invents an alter-ego named François Dillinger. Using his mind, Nick simply conjures up an image of François, steps into it, and lets François act on his behalf. In his new “bad boy” persona, Nick/François finds the courage and strength to pursue his goals and live a radically new life. The movie also reminds us that it’s best to choose a persona that is truly motivated by love. “Bad boy/girl” personas are likely to lead us into situations that will make our lives more complicated.

My alter-ego is a mix of a “future me” and some personalities that I deeply admire. She’s confident and resourceful, positive and fun loving. It adds up to be a character that is truly fun and uplifting for me to “step into”. What about you? Who is your alter ego? I’d love to hear about your experiences with using a persona. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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  1. 08/29/10 by Olivia (Green Junkie

    Yes! I was JUST talking about this with a student yesterday! She needs to record her art supplement for applications, and said she just can't get the oomph she needs when playing the piano. I told her to play pretend and act as if she were actually her favorite pianist. Her eyes lit up at this simple solution.

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