Hey beautiful, welcome to a new month. I made a gift for you, just for showing up and staying in the game 🙂 Here’s the newest inspirational wallpaper:

“Today is a Good Day To Leap”
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As last month began to wind down, I felt an Idea tickling my brain. “What if I just decided to… leap? Into everything? Would my life be different if I let go of the need to know exactly how things might turn out? Would I feel happier, more satisfied?”

I’ve been playing with this idea and committing to decisions that used to make me quite nervous. Afraid even. Stuff that’s totally out of my comfort zone.

So does it work? My preliminary research is an astounding OH YAH.

It’s funny. I’ve heard the advice “the only thing to fear is fear itself”, but I don’t think I fully understood that until recently. It’s true. The only thing we fear is the unknown. Shine a light on it, and it becomes totally harmless. At first it feels freaky, then about as scary as a Halloween costume.

To paraphrase my hero, Ray Bradbury, an Idea has “run up and bit you on the leg”. It’s probably built on a desire you’ve had all your life. Whatever it is, today is a great day to leap into it. Commit. Change everything if you’re really feeling it. What do you have to do to honor yourself and everyone else? Leap into it!

Want the Today is a Good Day To Leap inspirational wallpaper without the calendar? Click here and use the desktop year-round.

Extra Credit Leaping
You remember how the law of giving and receiving works, right? “In our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives”.

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Much Love & Leaping,
Lauren Lionheart


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  1. 07/01/11 by Jackie

    Why does it seem like everywhere I look people are saying to leap or jump into life??? Is this a sign from the universe?

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