Having trouble believing your affirmations? Can’t say them with a straight face? Don’t worry, most people have the same issue.

Today I’m going to share a simple mental technique that will shift your perceptions and get you back in alignment with your dreams.

The conscious mind likes “proof”. It likes to look around, use the 5 senses, and come to a rock solid conclusion. Take an affirmation like “I am so happy and grateful that money consistently comes to me in increasing quantities”. If you aren’t yet seeing financial proof then your ego will try to “correct” you.

“But you aren’t making more money than you did last month”, it may begin. “What’s the point of repeating that silly lie? Don’t you feel foolish? Time to face reality: you’re not rich.”

That shows the incredibly limited capacity of the conscious mind. It can only make use of your 5 senses: vision is a foreign concept to it. Yet, if you can’t see further than where you are now, you will never move beyond that.

So how do we make lemonade from those lemons? Here’s my favorite tip: throw ego a quantum curve ball! My logical mind understands a bit about quantum physics. I know that there are many things going on that I can’t detect with my eyes, but might be able to with a high powered microscope or even certain vision capabilities. There are literally countless other realities. Which one I experience is just a matter of choosing to focus on it. So I use this to my advantage. The habit I am developing is to do a quick inner dialogue with myself and use some visualization.

Listen. I know that thoughts and emotions are creative forces. It’s been proven by science, and I’ve seen some results in my life, too. So I know that my affirmation has created a reality where “money consistently comes to me in increasing quantities”… somewhere. Instead of focusing on the 1 particular reality that I can see with my eyes, I’m going to set my mind on the other realities where I am already abundantly wealthy.

At that point, I whip up the most appealing visualization possible of a super wealthy reality. In my mind’s eye, I see it in great detail and that gets my emotions going. A few seconds into visualizing, I feel giddy, excited, and hopeful again. It helps sweep away the funky feelings from a moment ago and puts me back in alignment with my affirmation. And my dreams.

So that’s one way to get your mind working differently. What little mind games do you play to keep heading towards your goals? I would love to hear about your experiences and tips.

Much thanks to Rachel Sian for use of the fun multiplicity photo.
And thank you to my sister Alison, who inspired these words. You are amazing, Al!


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  1. 06/20/10 by Sarah

    That's a great idea! I like visualization, too. I make vision boards to help me focus and then use that imagery as inspiration when I meditate. Next time I will think of them as "alternate realities". Thank you for the tip!

  2. 06/21/10 by Lauren Lionheart

    Aren’t vision boards the greatest? Excellent example, Sarah.

    On a related note, I just watched the movie “Mr. Nobody” a couple nights ago and it showed tons of great examples of “alternate realities”. It stars Jared Leto and will keep you guessing what is "real"… until you realize that all possibilities are real 🙂

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