Did you know that you already own a custom, luxury vacation spot? It’s true! Everyone has a secret place hidden within themselves. It’s calm, quiet, and always there when you need it. No one else can enter or change this personal sanctuary. Neither time nor choices can dull its beauty. It’s your stillpoint.

The question is: are you taking advantage of your sacred space?

I learned this valuable tip in a psychic development class, yet it is incredibly useful as a general daily practice. Using visualization, see what that quiet place inside of you looks like. Close your eyes and focus attention inward, letting the details of your inner sanctuary unfold effortlessly in your mind’s eye. It will be different for everyone and whatever you visualize is “right”. My personal space looks like a tiny Art Deco movie theatre with lots of red velvet curtains, complete with an over-sized, plush recliner for me to sit in. My husband says his looks like the flight deck of a space ship (the Millennium Falcon to be exact).

The only requirement is that you feel comfortable in your space. Think of it as your personal retreat center: somewhere you go when you need to unwind and get some clarity. You can visit during times of stress, before starting a meditation or other spiritual practice, when asking for insight, or even when you’re bored and just want to kill some time. Once you start visiting your stillpoint, you will find it really is the best place to be. Like any other luxury vacation spot, you will frequently find yourself wanting to return… and coming back relaxed and refreshed. Why not take yourself on a vacation right now?

Much thanks to illuminaut for use of the peaceful image.


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  1. 04/12/10 by Alison

    I really love the idea of this. I'm not sure I've ever taken the time to specifically visualize and bring to life my mind's stillpoint.

    I'm excited to create my own magical vacation spot in my mind!:)

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