“What’s the weirdest thing you ever put in your mouth?” I was folding my clothes at the laundromat when the TV blared this question at me. It was a commercial for a fast food restaurant and the actors were picking at a home cooked meal with disinterest. I laughed to myself and thought about the neon colored junk food I had sampled in my life. Hostess Snowballs and Cheetos were definitely the weirdest stuff I had ever put in my mouth.

But then I remembered what I had for breakfast: 10 oz. of bright green drink. It did look pretty weird… and still I loved it. After about a year of drinking it first thing in the morning, I noticed a long list of benefits from glowing skin to being genuinely attracted to healthier foods. I shared this tip with my family and a few friends, and after a couple months they were all singing the praises of super green drinks, too.

My Top 12 Reasons For Loving Green Drinks

  1. Gives an instant shot of natural energy without the caffeine jitters or “roller coaster” energy crash.

  2. Reduces cravings for sweets & grazing/snacking by regulating blood sugar.

  3. Healthy foods actually become more appealing to your body.

  4. Super Quick: Only takes about 2 minutes to mix and drink.

  5. Alkalizing, which helps creates an environment where illness cannot survive in your body.

  6. Contains tons of trace minerals that promote cell regeneration and anti-aging.

  7. Lots of bio-available protein, which the body can rapidly use to rebuild damaged areas. Also reduces appetite.

  8. Plenty of chlorophyll detoxifies the blood and reduces body odor & bad breath.

  9. Anti-inflammatory enzymes reduce aches & pains.

  10. Detoxifying, so after a few weeks many little health issues are likely to disappear.

  11. Possibly the most affordable path to health & vitality: many quality brands cost between just .50 – $1 a day.

  12. Drinking an electric green colored breakfast is just plain awesome 🙂

What have you noticed by adding super greens drinks to your life? Do you like a brand of powdered super greens, or do you juice your own green smoothies and juice? Share the knowledge and leave a comment below.

Much thanks to maple’s mama for use of the photo of gorgeous green juice loving Maple.


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  1. 06/20/10 by Sean

    Awesome – I'm Maple's papa and I make all the raw smoothies and raw nut milks for us. She's almost five now….

  2. 06/21/10 by Lauren Lionheart

    Hi Sean, thank you for coming by and sharing the above image. That Maple is a lucky girl. Smart parents 😉

  3. 07/15/10 by Dana

    I've been trying to kick my coffee habit off and on for years. I have never tried green smoothies though- until now. Last week, I replaced my morning coffee with green smoothies. First one was spinach, apple, and o.j. Next time was spinach, celery, cucumber and apple. Each time I drank them, I felt energized and full. I had no craving for coffee at all. It was truly surprising. I still love the taste of coffee, but this option makes it much easier to kick the habit.

  4. 08/29/10 by Olivia (Green Junkie

    I love green smoothies! My students used to look at me funny when I walked into class chugging these bright green drinks, but now they don't even blink. A few of them have even asked to try it…though I have to admit, they didn't like it. (I load mine up with so much "stuff", it's rough on a newbie.)

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