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Kefir Secrets Revealed: How To Make Water Kefir
Kefir Secrets Revealed: How To Make Water Kefir

In the next two minutes you’re going to learn how to make water kefir. It’s an astonishingly simple, uniquely delicious drink for building Superhero health.

calm assertive energy
Instant Results with Calm Assertive Energy

Instant healings are fascinating, and there is a actually a simple method being taught on TV right now. With one step, it shows how to shift your life in the direction you want it to go. The funny part is that it’s being taught as a “dog training technique”.

Give Yourself Space and Time

We all make personal concessions in the name of efficiency. But after a couple mis-timed rides on the London Underground, I decided to give myself the much deserved gift of space and time.

Shocking Secret of Success: You MUST Party Every Day

Celebration is an absolute necessity. Celebrate anything. Even the little stuff. They’re all victories, and when you take a minute to congratulate yourself, you feel a lot better about your life.

choose new reality now
Let’s Play The Multiple Realities Game

Having trouble believing your affirmations? Can’t say them with a straight face? Don’t worry, most people have the same issue.Today I’m going to share a simple mental technique that will shift your perceptions and get you back in alignment with your dreams.

Turn On Your Creative Brain in Two Minutes

Need more hours in a day? Does your creativity need a boost? Using a simple, speedy technique, we can “turn on” the right hemisphere of our brains, and tap into our most creative solutions.

How to Instantly Be a Better You

By tapping into an alter-ego or “persona”, you can make an instant leap forward and become the best you possible. Think of it as using a mental time machine to preview the wonderful life that awaits you… while living it right now.

center of head meditation for inner peace
Make a Little Space in Your Head. Literally.

You already own a custom, luxury vacation spot. The question is: are you taking advantage of your sacred space?