Vibes UP healing crystals
The unique holistic healing products from VibesUP were actually the inspiration behind I was praying for a fresh idea that would generate financial abundance by promoting a company that I truly loved. Suddenly, VibesUp entered my life. Can you tell our businesses are soul sisters by their great slogan? 🙂

“Easily & Effortlessly Keep Your VibesUP!”

My partner and I use our VibesUP goodies daily. The Divine Soles, “Earth Bottom” water bottles, Plate Mats, and comfy Therapy Bracelets have been rocking our world. We agree that they effortlessly help us to stay vibrating high and feeling centered. What products will work best for you? I invite you to close your eyes for a moment, and take a few deep breaths. When you open your eyes, click on the first product that grabs your attention. That’s the one that will work best for you.

The owner of VibesUp – >Kaitlyn Keyt – is passionate about making and offering her crystal based products. She describes what they are and how they work: “Good News! There are vibrational therapies from nature that can help you keep your vibrations attracting good throughout the day even when you’re not thinking [positive thoughts]. Crystals, gemstones, and frequency oils all have their own energy and Vibrational frequency. Vibes UP has combined essential plant oils (frequency oils) with gemstones, making them more specific. We then amplify their abilities with a patent pending Liquid Crystal coating.” It’s like turbo charging the Law of Attraction. The end result is jewelry and other vibrational therapy products that look beautiful, and feel even better.

divine soles chakra balancing

In 2009, we first experienced VibesUP while attending a Mind Body Spirit Expo. All of the products were out to try, including the Vibe CheckUP Game (a “very accurate self diagnosing energy tool”). It empowers you to effortlessly use your intuition to discover which products would be best for you. Kaitlyn showed us how anyone could use it. I was especially drawn to buying the Divine Soles: shoe inserts that balance your energy all day. I love that I can just be walking around, doing my usual stuff, and heal myself at the same time. That’s totally effortless vitality.

my VibesUP products in action


There are a LOT of amazing customer testimonials on Kaitlyn’s site; just check out any of the product pages. They reflect the variety of benefits that crystal therapy can provide. Just imagine… what if the issue you’re trying to heal is already mentioned in a testimonial? Wouldn’t that be an interesting synchronicity?


free printable life experience vibrational recipe sign
I made this free, printable sign using a simple formula from VibesUP. We’re all here on earth to have life experiences, and there is definitely a vibrational recipe to make life more graceful. Post this inspirational sign on your refrigerator or other visible place. You might be surprised how often you begin taking the path of least resistance 🙂

Download Printable Sign
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Mac: Control-click and select “Download image to Disk”