What if the recipe for a graceful life was just four sentences long? Would you try it for yourself?

I love really succinct wisdom. My friend Kaitlyn Keyt – the owner of VibesUP does, too. Kaitlyn knows how to break down a seemingly complicated topic into a few key insights. The “Life Experience Vibrational Recipe” is a great example.

Using this simple formula from VibesUP, I made this free, printable sign. We’re all here on earth to have life experiences, and there is definitely a vibrational recipe to make life more graceful. Post this inspirational sign on your refrigerator or other visible place. You might be surprised how often you begin taking the path of least resistance.

PC: Right click and select “Save Image As…”
Mac: Control-click and select “Download image to Disk”

This file will print two signs at one time on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper. Be sure to pass one of the signs on to a friend or stranger! If you find value in this Vibrational Recipe sign, share it using one of the social media buttons below 🙂


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