When you were a kid you knew you were SUPER AWESOME. Time passed and eventually you feared… am I still that amazing?

It turns out YOU SO ARE.

Imagine I offered you a $100 bill. Before you could accept it though, it fell to the ground and got a bit dirty looking. Has the value of the money been lowered? Certainly not. Anyone would be glad to accept the money from you at the full $100 value.

We are the same. In truth, nothing could happen that could ever change our worth. You were born a priceless masterpiece and no circumstances can affect that.

And if you ever forget it, just come back to Effortless Vitality, because we never get tired of reminding people how flipping sweet they are.

Much thanks to Brittany Culver for use of the adorable image


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  1. 06/25/10 by Alison

    Awww, yay! So true!

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